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Grease Trap Pumping

Grease Trap Pumping

The septic system is an essential element in your household or business establishment, and without proper maintenance, you’ll most likely experience quite a handful of unfortunate incidents up your sleeves. Aside from observing proper schedule of septic tank pumping, let us not forget the grease trap, too. Grease traps are usually found in larger kitchen areas, specifically in business establishments that offer restaurant or catering services.

How does the grease trap work?

Fats, oil, and grease (FOG) are the main antagonists in ensuring septic system efficiency and effectivity. Whether it’s accidental or deliberate, these substances often go with water down the drain. You could be washing your hands or the dishes without realizing that the oil and grease have gone through the sink, too. This is where the grease trap gets into the picture. Basically, the grease trap works to subdue grease, fat, and oil from the sink in order to ensure that the FOG doesn’t go with the waste water.

What happens when the FOG gets into the septic pipes and tank?

Over time, an FOB buildup will result to a number of problems within the septic system. From clogged drains to water backups, the result could be dirty, disgusting, smelly, and definitely unhealthy for you, your family, and your customers, too. In fact, the impact of FOG buildup and waste disposal has greatly worried the government that it has come up with several regulations and laws to protect the people and the environment. Your business could get messed up in the process, plus the fact that you may need to replace your entire septic system. And you know what that means, thousands of dollars! Again!

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Commercial Grease Trap Service

Commercial Grease Trap Service

How can grease trap pumping help?

Grease traps work to separate the oil from the wastewater before it even reached the sewer pipes. These substances are actually easier to clean since they tend to float above water. After some time, the grease traps get thicker due to grease buildup, and that’s more than the signal you need for a cleanup. For proper maintenance, a grease trap pumping will certainly do the trick.

During the pumping process, the contents of the grease trap will be pumped into a vehicle called the truck tank. The excess oil, fat, and grease are then removed with the use of a high-water pressure equipment to make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned. The excess FOGs are then brought back to the disposal facility for processing. The process basically includes the use of polymer to effectively coagulate the FOG, and once it solidifies, dewatering is done through the use of filter screens. The whole process ends with the now treated FOG being released as ordinary waste water.

What are the kinds of commercial grease traps available?

There several types of grease traps which you can use for your business or home, depending on your needs. Of course, you’ll need to consult with a professional septic service provider to properly address your concerns. The most widely-used grease traps are the passive hydro-mechanical grease interceptors or the regular grease traps; there’s also the concrete or pre-cast gravity grease interceptors; and the automatic grease and oil cleaning systems. These types of grease traps vary according to purpose and monetary value. To avoid spending more than what’s required, always seek assistance from a legit service provider. That’s where Waco Septic Services comes in.

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Why should you choose Waco Septic Services?

As a family-owned business and with over 10 years of experience in the septic industry, Waco Septic Services has encountered all sorts of issues with septic system and successfully hurdled them, too. We not only offer septic system installation, but maintenance and cleaning, as well. One of the services we offer is grease trap pumping. With proper grease trap pumping, we assure you that your kitchen drain, and sink, will function as it should.

We understand how important your business is to you, just as it is important that we provide the best to our clients. Clogged sinks and drains can be detrimental to the efficiency of your kitchen. It will not only hamper your work, it could also dampen your spirits. We know you don’t want that to happen, so we are here to help you out. With our team of friendly and well-trained technicians, we’ll get your kitchen working efficiently all year.

No, you don’t have to keep replacing your septic system. It’s both costly and energy-draining, to say the least. Proper maintenance is all you need. Just give us a call and we’ll book your commercial grease trap service today.

Grease Trap Services Near Me